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The first step in getting a replacement bench top is to get a quote for the supply of the bench-top, to make this easy we have designed a get a quote tool which will enables to generate a quote for you within 24 hours.

You can nominate
1. BENCHTOP REPLACEMENT SERVICE – We do it all for you!

We will conduct a check measure and quote.
We will remove and dispose of your old benchtop
We will arrange any plumbing or electrical services that may be required
We will install your bench top


If you are a DIY lover, then read on for a guide on how to order your own benchtop.
For existing benchtops, enter those exact measurements in the quote form below.
You can nominate if you would like to pickup the benchtop or have it delivered to your nominated address.


  1. You must enter all of the bench top sides sizes in the quote form.
  2. Lots of the time walls may not be square so allow extra size on both sides so the bench top can be planed to fit snugly.
  3. Include the overall sizes for all bench tops. Marry the codes shown below on the quote form diagrams below to match your bench-top.
  4. Please provide all bench-top measurements in millimetres.
  5. The standard thickness of our bench-top tops is 33mm and this by far the most common and popular bench-top size. 38mm thick bench tops are also available.
  6. If any sink/hot plate cutouts are required, they will be cut on the job by the bench-top installer.
  7. Once you have submitted your request for a quote we will supply a quote within 48 hours.
  8. When the quote is accepted you have two options:
    Option 1. Rely on your own measurements which means if there are any mistakes the costs of rectifying are your responsibility.
    Option 2. Request a cheque measure at a cost of $165.oo including gst. and then the costs of any mistakes are born by us Laminate bench tops.
  9. Please note that any trades fees such as electricians or plumbers fee for disconnect and connect will be billed separately
  10. BENCHTOP INSTALLATION: The client accepts and understands that whilst all due care will be used in installing the benchtop the installation is undertaken at the client’s risk and any damage caused to surrounding surfaces to tiles or paint on walls or any other surface is the clients responsibility.
  11. If you any questions or need some advice us a call on 0414 904 286


Browse through the colour options by clicking on the laminate manufacturers links below and select the laminate colour & finish that you think best suits your kitchen. Enter the laminate manufacturers product code on the quote form below in the “Colour reference.” section.

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